Dating sanitary cans

Portland Garbage collection is an involved process, so take some time to read through this page to learn how you can help us collect your trash and recycling.

Portland Curbside Collection E-Schedule: Click Here City of Gresham Residential Garbage & Recycling: Click Here Clackamas County Residential Garbage & Recycling: Click Here Metro: Click Here Recycling and Food Waste Guidelines Being good stewards of our resources is what helps make Portland such a great city.

For nearly nine decades, Americans ate more and more tuna out of tin cans.

For nearly five decades — from about 1950 until 2000 — tuna, almost all of which was canned, was the most popular seafood in the United States.

At the peak of the country's love for canned tuna fish, more than 85 percent of American households kept the beloved salad and sandwich add-on in cupboards across the nation, according to Roger Corey's 1990 report "Tuna: competitive conditions affecting the U. and European tuna industries in domestic and foreign markets." But health and sustainability concerns — which range from fears of mercury poisoning to fury over dolphin bycatch — have taken their toll.

So too has a national shift away from canned foods, which has forced other industries, including the canned soup business, to experiment with newer, friendlier and fresher-seeming forms of packaging.

The Mountain House Taste Guarantee was created to let you know that we stand behind our shelf-life promise.

w=300&h=231" width="300" height="231" srcset=" w=300&h=231 300w, w=598&h=462 598w, w=150&h=116 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / Of the 25 sites, 21 are trash dumps and the remaining four sites include a historic gas station, two road construction camps, and a campsite (see Baker et al. All of the sites contain trash concentrations, scatters, or both.

We are the only brand to fully cook our meals before freeze drying.

We make our meals like you do at home, in a cookpot (granted ours is a tad bit bigger).

Curbside clean-ups are scheduled twice per year (Fall and Spring) to help with large clean-ups.

These preset dates are determined by the town you live in and the Billing Cycle you are in.

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