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The rising of each decan marked the beginning of a new “decanal hour” of the night for the ancient Egyptians and eventually three decans were assigned to each zodiac sign. Each decan is ruled by different planetary rules which are also correlated with astrological signs.Here is some information on the 3 Scorpio Decans: Scorpio Decan 1: October 23 to November 1 The First Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Scorpio Decante and the “Week of Intensity.” The motto of the First Decan of Scorpio is “Intensity.” This double Scorpio Decante ruled by Pluto — this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet — provides an intensified influence that is manifested in strong drives for power and lust.They work especially hard to achieve balance and equality with their life partner.They love to create harmony in relationships, and don't like heated arguments or debates.They possess impressive fortitude to overcome most odds and may even reinvent themselves periodically.Stubborn and persistent, these are individuals who grit their teeth and have a tendency to finish whatever they start.It also influences how you view, act, and react to others and the environment.

It is through the lense of the Ascendant that people gaze out into “the real world.” Many people feel they are more like their rising sign than their Sun sign.

The rising sign or ascendant (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self).

For most people who know you less than intimately, it may be the determining factor as they see, identify, and know you.

The Ascendant is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date and place of birth (or other event, or time of asking of a question).

The Ascendant is the access point through which the person (or relationship, or event etc.) relates to the external reality surrounding them.

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If a person is born between September 23 and October 3, their planetary ruler is Venus.

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