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For this list, the relationship must have started on the show. Cohutta & Kellyanne (8 months) Starting during the filming of Real World Sydney during 2007, this oddball couple seemed to work.

Relationships that began after filming (Judd & Pam, Wes & Johanna) or started prior to filming (Jenny & Brian) do not apply. Ace & Mallory (About 6 Months) This relationship lives, breathed, and died in 2003. Tony & Madison (6 Months)Starting during late 2014, these newbies are still doing their thing since filming wrapped about 5 months ago. When filming of the reunion rolled around in 2008 they were still an item, but by the time they appeared on The Island, which also filmed in 2008, they were over. Zach & Ashley (8 months) The golden couple of Real World San Diego in 2011, these two were all about each other.

The couple were once engaged to marry, but in 2015, there were rumors of separation.

Like with his magic tricks, David Blaine keeps his private life a secret.

This took me several days of NONSTOP working on this, so be thankful!He co-owns three college bars back home where his girlfriend lives, and enjoys the drinking and partying that comes with that business.The death of his mother was a troubled time for him, but he has moved on.It's not hard to get jealous of these women that David Blaine has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.David Blaine's most recent relationship was with French model Alizee Guinochet with whom he has one daughter.

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