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A strong background in sales and rentals within the production industry, involving rental of stages, services and equipment.A driven individual who actively listens while demonstrating ownership and follow through.THE SENDER Edward Joseph Snowden, whose theft of top-secret documents from the National Security Agency represents the most serious intelligence breach in U. He was walking away from everything he had ever known, his career, his girlfriend, his entire life, and now it appeared that his plan might fall through. Over time that awareness of wrongdoing sort of builds up.”After setting up his personal security systems and piling pillows against the door so no one in the hallway could eavesdrop, he sat on the bed, anxious and alone, in a Hong Kong hotel room.Whether hero or traitor, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is the most important whistle-blower of modern times, one whose disclosures will reverberate for decades to come. He was 29 years old that night, May 24, 2013, but he looked much younger, thin and pale, like a college kid, in his blue jeans and white T-shirt.With extensive input from Snowden himself, Suzanna Andrews, Bryan Burrough, and Sarah Ellison have the spy-novel-worthy tale of how a geeky dropout from the Maryland suburbs found himself alone and terrified in a Hong Kong hotel room, spilling America’s most carefully guarded secrets to the world. Someone who talked to him later described him as “terrified,” and it’s easy to believe.

The Macomb County district was not contrite in explaining nine consecutive years of being unable to balance its budget.

On a form required by Michigan Department of Education, the school district’s administration defiantly gives this reason for its failure: “Inadequate funding and declining enrollment.” And in a recent Detroit News story, Ken Austin, the president of the district’s teachers union local said, “We would likely not be in the current position if it were not for the many huge cuts to school funding that districts have been forced to endure for many years.” That’s their story, but the facts don’t support it.

The declining enrollment part is true enough, but last year the district got more money per student than nine years ago, not less.

Drone Operator Looking for an experienced Drone Operator with Equipment in Atlanta for an URGENT shoot this Saturday 8/12 Needs to have FAA certification/ Part 107 License Please reply with name, contact info, specs of your equipment and rate. General Manager The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the Studio is running smoothly in every aspect, including; providing industry-best customer service, defining, examining and modifying processes, implementing and leading a successful business development arm, recruiting additional teammates as needed and leading by example a positive team environment.

The General Manager must have a strong technical understanding of how a Studio like this operates from top-to-bottom.

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