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We assume the geometry of a hyperdiamond inside the nucleus of the cell, which also was derived from the Yupana system, representing a biological multidimensional lattice, which demonstrates that the genetic code is somewhat consistent with the basic principles of crystallography.

In that regard, as important as the double helix is toward understanding DNA, the Yupana system is equally important toward understanding both the symmetry and geometry of a highly optimized genetic code.

Based on detailed mathematical logic, this study promises to open new pathways for genetic research, genomic profile and medical progress.

This system of understanding can be used to predict genetic structure, therefore would help to comprehend the complex molecular language.

Click on any person’s name and it gives you a detailed page on their biography, related links, etc. The big question that people often ask me about my work with entrepreneurs and innovators is ” Conventional wisdom is that ideas come from an “AHA” moment that an inventor has – for example, the moment that Art Fry at 3M Corp realized he had inadvertently created a sticky substance that could be used on paper to create the “post-it” note, or the moment that Archimedes sat in his bath tub and realized that the water he had displaced held an important clue to measuring density of matter.

But in looking HISTORICALLY at actual inventions that have made produced the most profound changes in human history — the wheel, electricity, the automobile, the light bulb, the small-pox vaccination, the computer chip, the television, the Worldwide Web — we find that there was no “AHA” moment…there were a myriad of smaller progressive discoveries leading to a key discover from one person or group that seems to solidify I was speaking at the Computer History Museum this past week and arriving early, took the time to look at the work of Charles Babbage, who is regarded as the “Father of Computing.” In 1822 he created an entirely mechanical “Difference Engine” (see photo I took to right, owned by Nathan Myrvold) which was meant to calculate mathematics (polynomials) and he later created a “Analytics Engine” that used punch cards.

My new Bra:30 tank top is the first thing I want to put on in the morning. Despite repeated broken promises from clothing companies (remember the Aah Bra?

Tapping-up - the practice of asking a player if he fancies a move to a club before officially approaching his employers - is as rife in football as it is in life.

Plate records This Pillar/was conquest of Napoleon at Grand Cairo in Egypt/in the year 1798/and/having been captured bythe Allies en route to France/was sent by them to Florence/where it was bought by my father C E Dede/andforwarded to/Altona Schleswig Holstein/Fraulein Dede, Altonaden 14 ten August 1852.

Framed by the vast bulk of Table Mountain, Newlands, where Manchester United opened their tour of South Africa, is perhaps the most spectacularly beautiful of all sports grounds.

What infuriated Levy was the Manchester United manager's comment, reported in one tabloid as he departed for Cape Town, that "we have made Tottenham an offer on Berbatov and we have good expectations this deal will go through".

Once in a while, I like to get an historical perspective on Creativity and Innovation.

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