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And now seven months after moving to Berkeley I’m dating three people. He starts debating you on the relative merits and costs of allowing Irish people to mix with the rest of American society.

Even among 20-somethings who currently attend church, almost 40% don’t think premarital sex is wrong. America, in times past, based its thinking on God’s Word.

But more than that, I sympathize with his response.

I sympathize with it because it was exactly my response when Alicorn told me about polyamory two years ago or so (I can’t remember if I got it from IM conversations with her or from reading her essay).

In the name of research, and personal curiosity, I sent out a survey to over 100 people, to see how much they knew and what they thought of the phenomenon of polyamorous relationships. “What happens if your partners don’t like each other? ” Or, my personal favourite: “How do you decide which partner to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones with?

What I found was that while 96% of the survey respondents were familiar with the concept of polyamory – of having romantic and/or sexual relationships with more than one person, either in committed relationships, casual dating, or any variation in-between – many people were confused about the specifics. ” While I could answer a few of their questions from my own experience, there really is no catch-all answer to “how does it work?

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