Husband dating another woman

A few days ago, I had lunch with two divorced women who really made me re-evaluate how I feel about certain divorce situations.

One woman's husband had left her for another women (who he is still involved with).

Deputies were dispatched to the couple’s home near Woodland Court shortly after 8pm on Monday after getting a report about a domestic incident.

An investigation has revealed that earlier that evening, Vera Wooten had caught her husband in a car with another woman, reported WKYT.

A little more than four years ago, my husband left me for another woman. A relative advised me to get on a plane, fly to Hong Kong — where my husband was spending months at a time for work — and fight for my marriage. I was scared for the future and what life would be like without him. While we had once been unable to get enough of each other, by this point we could barely tolerate each other’s company and walked through our lives as business partners more than anything else.

When I first learned about her existence after seeing suspicious texts on his phone, I was determined to find out whatever I could — who she was, how long she knew my husband and, most important, what she wanted from him. In a handful of conversations, I ordered her to leave my husband alone. Instead she grew more steadfast in her position; she said he was hers now and there was nothing I could do to change that. During what would be his last visit home, he announced he was leaving me and I dropped to my knees and urged my cheating husband to stay. By that point our marriage had been deteriorating for years.

At one point, I told the woman whose husband left her what I tell all women in her situation: that things right now are probably great with he and his girlfriend, but that I have a hard time believing the two will end up happily ever after, based on the fact that their relationship began when he was still married and cheating.In other words, the relationship is basically based on lies, so it will never work out.The next day, I received an email from the other woman (the one who had left her husband) telling me that she was really offended by my comment, because she and her boyfriend were both still married and cheating on their spouses when they first met.My situation isn’t like that of most divorcées since my husband continues to live overseas and does not share physical custody with me.He visits our three children every one to two months and takes them on vacations a few times per year, most of the time without his significant other.

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