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Their major competitors were the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), founded in 1927, and the Mutual Broadcasting System, founded in 1934.In 1943, NBC was required to divest one of its national networks, so it sold NBC Blue, which was soon renamed the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

In 1987 NBC sold its remaining radio network operations to Westwood One, which continued using NBC identification for some of its programming until 2014.Trystan Reese admits that to some people, the life he has built with his partner, Biff Chaplow, and their two children, Hailey and Riley, can seem a bit mundane at times.“Our life is mostly picking up soccer balls and driving to Girl Scouts,” he told NBC Out at their home in Portland, Oregon.But Reese is quick to point out that as a gay trans man married to another gay man and raising two children together, the life he and his partner have built together is a life that many LGBTQ individuals before him could have never experienced.“I was in Texas last September, and I was talking to this older gay man in his 60s, and I told our story, and I asked, ‘Were you able to be a parent?

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