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Beyond the movie, though: Why are some younger guys attracted to older women? Of course, she has a lot more money than she did as a Fly Girl on Jennifer can afford to slather that Crème de la Mer all over her body and take care of herself.She's a person that I won't call a "cougar," because Lopez recently spoke about the hypocrisy of having a distinctive name for a woman who dates younger men, but no name for men who date younger women.40s" whereby the younger women had the older woman go on a swim date with the bachelor in question, assuming the 40-somethings would have bad bodies. Robinson knows what she wants Okay, I don't like the connotation that older women can seem desperate or needy, but I do like it when a woman has used her years of surviving heartbreak, bad dudes and more to quickly discern what she wants out of life.Instead, their plan backfired when the older women's abs put some of the others to shame. That includes the men who approach her, which oftentimes, might tend to be younger dudes.After all, young women are fun, free-spirited, energetic and have a zest for life.This youthful energy is attractive to an older man who may be feeling his mortality.

Rich Women Looking For Poor Men on the Internet are increasingly popular.A common rule of thumb when it comes to dating is that it’s OK to be interested in someone who is half your age, plus seven years.However, the rise of the "older woman-younger man" relationship has loosened this relationship convention and instead celebrates the age-gap romance.Either way, as women, we are learning to workout, strength-train, go all "beast mode" and take care of ourselves better.I think of an episode of a reality show called "Age of Love: 20s vs.

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