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Thankyou for your time Liz Potyok I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into Radix. I am trying to find out where the town of Nagy Rottesso is located. Can not find it on any current maps, or on old ones I have seen. Beth Coleman Gingerich Looking for Janoscsik, Andre and Maria Mihalko Janoscsik who had a winery and grape vines at Satoraljaujhely 1900 to 1945 Although they were Catholic, they had to flee and leave everything for Hitler. Dorothy Janoscsik Mihalko Austin Looking for Janoscsik, Andre and Maria Mihalko Janoscsik who had a winery and grape vines at Satoraljaujhely 1900 to 1945 Although they were Catholic, they had to flee and leave everything for Hitler. Dorothy Janoscsik Mihalko Austin ive just started tracing my family roots,and i guess there might be a suprise.i originally thought my great- grandfather, Mike Aman,originally came from Banat, by contacting the austrian information service in wash.d.found out that Banat was in Hungary,which brought to this wonderfull wait to get started.thank you Douglas Aman I am looking for information on my family. when they escaped and left their grape lands and winery for Hitler. He also rang the church bells and spoke of an Orthodox Church. Anyone who can help me if kindly asked to write to me at this e-mail address:[email protected] you! Koszonom, hogy ilyen szep es sokat igero website - ot epitett fel, ami biztos nem "kismiska".

Also, the surname is Jandacka, which I am having a lot of difficulty locating any other family. Those are my only clues except that he always dressed better than other people, the polished gentleman and had beautiful European mannerisms and table manners. He was always friends of judges and rich people who readily accepted him in their group, but he stopped to help every poor and sick person and shared whatever he had firsthand which they did not. We took care of many poor people during the Depression (1929-1940), in Nevada, USA. We have a Ph D, a Naval Officer, a submariner, a Navy nurse, a chemist-University professor, an oil geophysicist, and one in electronics and lasers, a geologist. Roxana-Bianca Fogarasi I would like you to give me a price on researching my Bilcze ancestors. BETTIE KELBEL BETTIE KELBEL MY GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER IS BARBRA KERNER FRANK. Meg nem olvastam minden oldalat el, csak akartam megelegedesemet atadni.

I wish you the best of luck with this excellent website.

Nick Clark (Harry Tate's website)An Excellent site and very interesting.

If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. Contact seller for further info and MP3 US00.00 Jenny Smith [email protected] picture July 28 2017 14 course single stringed theorbo made by Alexander Hopkins (2014), 82/162cm. A new set of Nylgut Aquila strings will be sent with the instrument. Case by somerset cases, semi hard case fabric covering. The case has black leather on the outside and red plush on the inside. English Yew back, pear wood neck, peg box and pegs, parchment rose with pear wood, alpine spruce soundboard with sycamore edging, double fretting. Made in 2010, barely played, can be heard on the jamarriage channel on you tube. It is a one of a kind 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs and the label says “Made for the Harpsichord Centre 1972.” Soundboard 23 cm, string length 68cm, width of neck 7.5 cm, 9 ribs. contact Hugh Sandilands, 0049 76(Germany), or [email protected] 3 2015 May 3 2016 Michael Lowe archlute for sale It has a wonderful sound and has very pleasant action.

If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. For contact: [email protected] picture picture picture August 1 2017 13 courses baroque lute built by Carlos González in 2004. Price: 5400€ Contact: 34.692.140.286 or [email protected] picture picture picture picture July 30 2017 13 course lute for sale A very good student lute by Tim Guster in excellent and near new condition. The instrument is located in Curitiba, Brazil and more photos and videos can be sent upon request. email: [email protected] picture picture picture picture December 21 2016 July 26 2017 Baroque guitar (made in 2014) by Anna Radice, based on an anonymous Italian guitar (her model 46). Repair to one hairline crack damage on left hand side, so discounted to £ 1683, case included as seen. Contact: [email protected] pictures and details see: September 17 2015 New 11 course lute with bowl after Frei C34 by Adrian Dodd (2015): D-minor with a'=415hz. Eleven ribs of rippled sycamore finished with coloured oil varnish. The neck and peg box are walnut and the bridge is plum. This is a gorgeous renaissance lute faithful to old construction; Harwood and Isaacs, at least from what I could research back in those pre internet days, spent a good deal of time examining and allegedly x-raying old lutes in Britain to understand the interiors and bracing better. It is in very good shape after it was rebuilt by Michael Lowe 6 years ago, after an accident when the lower neck broke.

Wayne You be contacted by fradulent would be buyers! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping! Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. The lute is constructed of pine wood for the top and maple and rosewood for staves. Very good theorbo for the price, but little bit too big for me. Collan/Linkola [email protected] picture picture November 29 2015 Excellent condition 10 course custom (2012) by Marco Salerno lute for sale Excellent condition lute with 24 inch string length. S November 29 2015 An 8-course renaissance lute by Filippo Lesca (made in Verona in 2004) Case included. Located Minneapolis Minnesota United States Includes original case, sturdy, intact, some wear, latches functional, lock broken. The rose is a close reconstruction of one depicted in a painting of a lady with lute and parrot attributed to The Master of the 1540's. This is in excellent shape; there’s just a little discoloration next to the sound hole where a friend who was a concert guitarist rested his fingernails during the years I loaned it to him. Price £6,700 picture picture picture picture picture picture picture July 3 2015 8 course lute for sale, built by Paul Thomson (Bristol) in 1992 Back in maple, spruce top, ebony fingerboard.Well done, Tim Maddison Personally, I think that youre website is very interesting, only one comment I think that you should include a few pictures of the ships mentioned.Of cuorse I shouldnt tell you how to construct a website with some pictures that may not exist at all buy, a few pics would make the site a little bit more interesting.I also know there is a Miklos Potyok that lives there and I have talked to once, but now his web address's no longer work. Steve and Barbera (Rub) Potyokcame to Canada in 1901?? We are a big family spread out all over Canada and the states, but nobody can get anything farther back than Steve and Barbera. I am interested in learning as much about Andre and Maria, my grandparents as possible and any leads to where they were from and their parents? BETTIE KELBEL BETTIE KELBEL Keresem az oseimet Somogyi Lajos, Mako, szul. De majd most megprobalom keresni a search engine-eken.If this is going to cost me money please disregard as I have no money. Albert& Rosalie-children Anna, Marie, Barbala, Geneive, Albert Jr. Thanks Cheryl I am searching for Andre Janoscsik married to Maria Mihalko living in Satoraljaujhely 1900-1944. My father was very highly trained in Math, Physics, and Astronomy and lived very close with a monastery which influenced his quiet studious life. This all could point to training at the University at Sarospatak. I am interested if my name FOGARASI has noble origins. THEY LIVED IN O SZT ANNA, ARAD AREA ANNA IMAGRATED TO CHICAGO ILL, OUT OF THE PORT OF BREMEN GERMANY, ON 2-15-1907, ON THE SHIP "MAIN". I WOULD LOVE TO FIND OUT, WHO IS THE FATHER TO LENA? En Londonban elek, de visszamegyek majd Nemetorszagba.

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