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Sheedy, who now volunteers as a teacher at La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts, said the movie's message was a loving one."You do matter, we are interested in you, and we're going to tell your story," she said, adding that she was a bit lonely after production wrapped.

There are heaps of familiar faces, including small parts from many of the present day 'movie stars' ie John Cusack, Joan Cusack and Jami Gertz.The film chronicles five teens subjected to spend Saturday in detention at the fictional Shermer High School in Illinois.Played by Ringwald, Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson, the students aren't all initially friends, but become close by day's end.We just liked to have fun and I guess that’s not allowed.” Ally Sheedy said, “After the article came out, there was an uncomfortable feeling about everything …we didn’t want to go out.” After a time, the negativity went away and they just became a group of actors. Hughes wrote the first draft script in a weekend and it sat in a drawer for “a long time.” Estevez and Nelson asked Hughes how many drafts he had written (several) and got to read them all (incorporating bits from different versions).

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Anthony Michael Hall enjoys a hefty net worth of $8 million dollars.

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  1. He wasnt shy about addressing his critics or giving us his honest opinion on Lysacek. Johnny Weir: A little pair of silver loafers of D&G from years ago. I just find her so unique, and thats something thats really hard to find in the world.