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This is the garlic, if you remember, that I planted in the snow late last year.

Of the 100 cloves I planted in the half-frozen ground, about 40 made it.

Garlic is low-acid and so it would need to be pressured canned -- that much I knew -- but for how long? Blackburn suggested I add a Vitamin C tablet (ascorbic acid) to each jar as a preservative. Figuring that wouldn't work so well with garlic, instead I added a quarter-teaspoon of citric acid, which I keep on hand for cheesemaking.I believe it was reader Janet in Massachusetts who suggested I snip the heads (scapes) off the stems to encourage better growth, so I'll take this moment to thank her for the advice. Nipped off the tip with a knife, peeled the papery skin off. There are a number of ways to preserve garlic, but I wanted to can it minced.I seldom use fresh garlic, but instead buy minced garlic.My revised design involved scanning in a swatch of Anna Maria Small Gathering fabric in citrus……then I cropped in close, changed the colors in Photoshop, and typed in the labels.

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secondary line, and they came in a variety of styles and embossing.

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