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Louis nodded, his face turning a deep shade of red.He hopped out of bed quickly running out of their room. Harry looked inside and started crying; he was definitely the emotional daddy. He started to rub Louis' arm slowly and leant down to kiss his forehead, watching as his eyes fluttered open. Harry pulled the small boy into his arms, but Liam quickly awoke, pulling his baby brother back. Zayn couldn't help but feel all giddy at Liam's heart warming words. Was arrested and officer filed bogus police report and took cell phone used to log into email. After released on bond was able to get back into email account and emails were not completely lost.printed out erased emails before the ageplay event happened and email of changed password XXXXX was done round about 1 hour after was arrested.Is "ageplay" between 2 adults illegal if one chatter turns out to be a undercover officer?Chat was through email and tried to act as 16 yo minor.When you were about to ask him,'may I help you?', A cloth was suddenly placed over your eyes and one on your nose and mouth.

You hadn't expected anything to be wrong and didn't sense anyone watching you."Fine, that is it" Ashton launched himself forward, ultimately rugby tackling the blond haired lad to the floor. " Shouted Luke as he stared on in disbelief, Ashton had reached over and forcefully snatched Luke's i Phone out of his hands."I told you what would happen and you refused to accept the consequences, now this - pointing towards the phone - is mine." Luke just huffed in acknowledgement, everyone knew not to mess with an angry Ashton.Louis looked up from Liam's neck and his binky fell out of his mouth as he smiled. Zayn walked over to the bed and sat down as well, pulling Liam into his lap. Prompt: Luke is the baby and throws tantrums and Ashton forces him into age play and he refuses/doesn't cooperate.

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They want a little girl but don't want to adopt, so they kidnap, and force her into age play. You were outside kicking around a ball just enjoying the nice weather.

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