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When Avril Lavigne started dating (and then married) Deryck Whibley of pop-punk band Sum 41, I thought they were the most perfect coupling in the entire universe. (actual Nickelback lyric: S is for the simple need E is for the ecstasy X is just to mark the spot ‘Cause that's the one you really want) So I again believed that Avril had truly found her match. Again, both Canadian, both loved frosty highlights, and both wrote extra cheesy music that only a brave few would ever admit to liking… ) Now, we're in 2015, and Avril is allegedly dating the guy who DEFINITELY is her match made in heaven. And while he doesn't get to score on "Score," an MTV dating show that doubles as a songwriting competition, Cabrera says he got to do the next best thing — help write a lot of love songs. ' " Since the contestants have to win their dates by creating and performing one original song, Cabrera's job was to guide them through the process, helping with everything from lyrics to song arrangement to stage presence (see "Ryan Cabrera Finds Soul, Considers Tour With Kelly Clarkson")."I actually came up with stuff for myself while writing with them," Cabrera said of the 40 contestants he co-wrote tunes with on the forthcoming program, which debuts November 14. "I was supposed to just help pull stuff out of them," he said."It's a big honor to have a song that they would want to [use]. I was saying, 'I'm weak, and I can't help it, and I'm just going to say exactly what I feel.' " Cabrera's model of a perfect love song, the one he wishes he wrote himself, happens to be Extreme's "More Than Words" — a sentiment he shares with Frankie J (see "Frankie J Keeps Buzz Alive With Extreme Cover Version").It isn't easy getting over a breakup, especially when there are so many reminders of the once-blissful partnership thrown in your face. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, whose on-again off-again romance with Ashlee Simpson was played out for all to see on her MTV reality show, delves into breakups — and what happens when reminders of a relationship surface — with "Photo," the somber second single from You Stand Watching.' But that's the only way to get through to another person." That's why, he said, "True" was "so successful" as a love song — one that keeps getting him invites to sing at weddings.

We've watched someone's life on the road, what it's like to see someone make an album." In "Score," Cabrera, his band and some celebrity guest stars will mentor two lovelorn songwriters, who will be asked to write a tune in one day.

Lavigne, meanwhile, is getting divorced from her second husband, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger.

"While we appreciate the interest in Ryan’s endeavors, at this time, we have no comment regarding TMZ’s latest report about Ryan’s personal life," a representative for Cabrera told Page Six with regards to a possible romance.

"It's amazing what one picture can say and the feelings that it can bring back to you," he explained.

"It was cool to see that photo and feel like I was in that relationship again just through that one little piece of paper.

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