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The company wants to make it easy for creators to make discrete virtual worlds and experiences.Linden Lab envisions its success as helping creators easily build and monetize virtual experiences (and taking a cut from successful creators).For larger groups, you will need to book back-to- back sessions. We recommend that you wear contacts as glasses can scratch and damage the headset lenses.

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is a 5-episode trek from the North Pole to Easter, from outer space to Hell and back. Having launched Second Life more than 10 years ago—a virtual world that in 2016 alone had a GDP of some 0 million—Linden Lab has deep expertise in world worlds that goes back long before the recent rebirth of consumer virtual reality hardware.And now the company is building a new virtual world platform, , Linden Lab’s focus is firmly on the Creator.Virtual spaces built on Sansar will be self-contained experiences that users jump around to, rather than one big virtual world that could be traversed continuously from end to end.Instead of ‘traveling’ from one place to another, like in aims to be more like an app store or a platform (Altberg compared it to Word Press, the web platform that’s the foundation of many major websites) than one big virtual world.

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That solves a number of key problems that the company has identified with that appeal to different people who want different things.

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