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Even if it isn’t in your major or something you’re particularly good at, you may find a match just for showing up.

For example, if you love playing badminton, join an intramural team with the rest of the cute girls and guys. Start a community group for your soulmate to sign on to.

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I'm not looking for pity, or for people to try to lift me up by telling me that "I'm not ugly" or something, but rather just advice. I'm not deluding myself or being overly hard on myself either, it's just a fact. I have cellulite all over my legs, stretch marks on my legs, arms and chest, and even though I'm in my 20's, I still get bad acne on my face and all over my chest and back.

It’s not because women are mean, but because a woman’s attraction for a man is based on his survival traits.

I'm that girl that guys tend to use in effort to get close to my prettier friends/associates, but are never actually interested in me.

And I admit, I know why people may not be interested in getting to know me.

Hang out at the local coffee shop, check out a bookstore or antique place, or attend a festival or fair.

You might just meet alumni or a local that you can spend some off-campus time with.

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