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It is defined as the inexplicable growth in sales of an artist in inverse relation to how much publicity they have. In Enya's case she has appeared in public a mere handful of times, yet her present worth is estimated at between £60million and £100million. We're sitting in a wood-panelled room with servants' bells around the walls.Enya (born ), birth name Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (sometimes presented in the media as the Anglicized Enya Brennan), is Ireland's best-selling solo musician.If you’ve ever heard a song in the background of a movie, and thought ‘wow, how ethereal that sounds,’ then you were probably listening to Enya’s work.Her Celtic roots can often be felt in her music; along with a few new elements from around the world, which she incorporates with each new album.Without wishing to become too fanciful there has been something of the fairytale about the Irish singer Enya’s life.She might be locked away in her ivory tower but that hasn’t stopped the royalties flowing in, with her fortune estimated at £91million according to the new Musical Millionaires list, putting her ahead of Adele’s £85million and making her the richest woman in British and Irish music, which is not bad going for someone who has made only eight albums and whose only UK No 1 came when Mrs Thatcher was prime minister.By Jacques Peretti On leaving Dublin Airport to meet Enya, I am somewhat compromised by a message on my mobile from my mother telling me she will kill me if I'm nasty to her.It's the kind of fierce, loyal devotion from fans that has helped Enya sell more than 70million albums worldwide, making her second only to U2 as Ireland's biggest-selling artist of all time.

This one big book of scales practising them over and over.” At 17 Enya went to college to study music and in 1980 joined her family’s outfi t Clannad, a Celtic group that had been founded seven years previously and were to have a big hit in this country with the theme tune for TV drama Harry’s Game.

When you become famous, the last thing you expect to have named after you is a species of fish, right?

Well, scientists from Oregon State University have discovered a new breed of fish, and decided to call it after the Irish singer, Enya.

There have been just seven albums since 'Watermark' in 1989, and yet Enya's fan base is getting bigger, growing like some unfathomable geothermal confection of dry ice and Celtic gobbledegook that scientists struggle to explain.

There are people who genuinely believe her records have cured them of cancer (as one fan puts it, hers is 'the chemo music of choice' for many sufferers), helped them to stop smoking, or at the very least relieved the boredom of a traffic jam.

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The team of researchers were travelling to Orinoco River in Venezuela, where the fish were found, and revealed that on their way they listened to "When the time came for choosing names, it just felt right to name this beautiful fish from the Orinoco after the artist who wrote that beautiful song." The Leporinus Enya measures 20-25cm long, and we're sure Enya is delighted with namesake.

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