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Each moment in your life relates to a different group of people and we recognise that. All site material is owned by Friends Reunited Limited and should not be used without prior permission.

“I know how it feels when radio is ready for you to quit and retire,” he says. We see these dudes go through high school, college, win a championship, miss the playoffs—they become like our friends, like our cousins, because we know everything about them, damn near. They fall off the face of the earth, and man, I miss ’em.” Most NBA megastars stay in the strobe lights as coaches, broadcasters or executives.

“ ‘Do movies, don’t worry about your music, go on with your life.’ But people don’t understand you still a B-Boy at heart.” Last April, Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his last NBA game, and Cube mourned Bryant’s career as if it were his own. But some just can’t bring themselves to wear the fitted suits or the fake smiles, and these are the ones Cube gravitates toward, the mavericks most comfortable on the blacktop despite its cracks.

Liife allows you to remember and plot key moments in your life and upload new and old photos.

You will then be able to share them with your close friends and family.

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Phoebe decides to get back with him after he returns from a period of scientific study in Minsk, even though she's really still in love with her other ex-boyfriend Mike.

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