Flex validating combobox

The Combo Box control lets the user either select a predefined item, or enter a new item into the prompt area.Your application can recognize that a new item has been entered and, optionally, add it to the list of items in the control.

The control uses a List control internally to create the drop-down list.[read-write] Maximum number of rows visible in the Combo Box control list.If there are fewer items in the data Provider, the Combo Box shows only as many items as there are in the data Provider. // Use the 'Info' object to check existence of the // 'Save Dialog' item; Method 'Exists' uses the timeout // specified for the 'Save Dialog' in the repository Report. I obviously wanted to use one validator for all of the email addresses since they all need to be validated the same way.

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Button adapter represented by Button Add' ' Read and log value of 'Text' attribute Report.

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