Is dating your best friend a good idea Ffake online sex chat

You have spent months, even years, being together as the best of buddies, but deep inside you know your feelings for your best friend is becoming more romantic than platonic.

You want to tell your friend that you would like to take the relationship into a different level.

However, the downside of having your best friend as a romantic partner is that everything might change.

You would feel jealous that she still talks with your male buddies; you would spend more time together than with your network of friends; and your best friend might even expect more from you because the relationship, as some would think, has reached a higher level.

However, if the feelings are mutual, having your best friend in a romantic not only leads to a loving relationship built on trust and companionship.But first, let us examine why people want to be friends with their ex in the first place.The urge to maintain civil and cordial relationships stems from the fact that people are essentially very sentimental beings.Sometimes, being friends with your ex even after you have called it quits on your relationship is a tricky thing to deal with.The thing is, human life is composed of various relationships, all of which have their own dynamics and equations, and some which should not be mingled with others.

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