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After 13 years of pure fucking metal, 6 studio albums and countless tours through five continents, I feel the need to enter a different phase in my life, be with my family and pursue other interests.

To say it’s been a big week in the history of Arch Enemy is an understatement.

Gossow’s new message to her fans reads as follows: Thank you for all your kind words, your support, your understanding. I am very busy with Arch Enemy right now as you can imagine, they got a lot of things lined up.

I am sorry some of you are really sad So am I in many ways, it’s really hard to say good-bye. The music is still a 100% Arch Enemy, trust me Thank you for the last 13 years, they have been truly wonderful, I enjoyed playing live for many of you, meeting you, interacting with you.

Arch Enemy posted various statements on their Facebook page, including the initial news, a statement from Angela Gossow, a comment from Alissa White-Gluz and a final piece from Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott: Angela Gossow comments: Dear ARCH ENEMY fans, this is not easy to tell you…I have decided to step down from being ARCH ENEMY’s voice of anger.

In her exit statement earlier this week, Gossow revealed that she felt the need to “enter a different phase in my life, be with my family and pursue other interests.” However, one of those “interests” will continue to be Arch Enemy, as she is maintaining her role as the band’s business manager while developing her own artist management roster.

As for Arch Enemy, they moved quickly by releasing the video for ‘War Eternal’ (featuring White-Gluz) just a few days after Gossow’s leave was made public.

I suppose I will have time for that in 2018, when we have completed the first series of headline tours and so on. Elsewhere in the interview (and as alluded to above), Gossow reveals that Arch Enemy will release a new album in 2017, and Jeff Loomis (who I always forget is in Arch Enemy now!

Very surprising news from extreme metal veterans Arch Enemy as highly celebrated longtime vocalist Angela Gossow has left the band!

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Along with a statement announcing Gossow’s departure, Arch Enemy have also revealed the Agonist‘s Alissa White-Gluz as the group’s new frontwoman.

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