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The actor is relieved not seeing the freaking fans of the Ryan-Emma tandem. She seems to be enjoying Europe because she has already walked the streets of Budapest.Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will be seen in a dreamy, funny, romantic movie about a pianist and an actress who fell in love amidst hardships in LA.Emma Stone reunites with Ryan Gosling in “La La Land.” During the film production, they were rumored to be dating despite Gosling living with Eva Mendes. The “Battle Of The Sexes” star has separated with boyfriend Andrew Garfield.Rumors were saying that they are having secret rendezvous so that Eva Mendes will not know. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes secretly conceived again and the public was able to know only before the delivery.In March, the notoriously private actor took to Twitter to defend the stylish actress after some took offense to her comments that sweatpants are the "number one cause of divorce." "Obviously sweatpants thing was a joke," he explained. "There was no music or any sign of other babies or older kids." WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Celebrate Esmeralda's First Birthday With Family Bash Over the weekend, Mendes supported Gosling following his big hosting gig, when she was spotted going to the afterparty with him.

This, she has revealed, will not be the case."There is no plan.Earlier this year, Gosling and Mendes managed the difficult task of keeping Mendes' pregnancy under wraps until just a month before the birth of their second daughter Amada. Eva Mendes' only major relationship before Gosling was with filmmaker George Augusto, whom she dated for nearly a decade.Towards the end of her relationship with Augusto, Mendes even told Hollywood Life that she doesn't "think marriage is necessary." Has she changed her tune with Gosling?In a week when celebrity love seems doomed (RIP Brangelina), leave it to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes to restore our faith... The two Hollywood heartthrobs reportedly got married in a secret ceremony earlier this year, but some sources are denying the marriage took place.The reason a secret wedding wouldn't come as too much of a surprise is that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have kept their relationship largely out of the public eye, even though they've been dating for five years.

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