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Date:[2017-07-13 ] Voted:[1]This agency lies to clients that some of the girls live in other cities and ask for additional 0 to pay for her travel cost to Kiev, It is all lies, I confirmed it after I paid for this, and later I found out from the girl that she in fact lives in Kiev.

Unlike other Rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here.

You can add your rebuttal to any posting about you or any other profiles.

You are also welcome to contact us and dispute any posting.

Our Kiev dating agency will help you to spend unforgettable Ukrainian dating☎ 1 917 82 88 4 88.

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Couples that we introduced to each other are happily living now in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Australia, France, Monaco, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and other western countries.

Hundreds of educated and down-to-earth Ukrainian Women in Kiev, Ukraine selected from many applicants are waiting to meet you!

Dating agency in Kiev is one of the perfect places to find a reliable, loving, caring and trustworthy partner for all your life. International marriage and dating agency in Kiev , Ukraine . Dating , Introduction marriage agency of Ukraine , girls.

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