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In some ways, the arrival of the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara is a story about coming full circle: The team that was started by Tony Morabito ’31, a Santa Clara graduate with big dreams, has moved within a stone’s throw from where Morabito first launched those ideas more than six decades ago.And there’s more than a touch of irony to the story: The team’s long quest for a new state-of-the-art stadium has ended in the parking lot next door to the training facility the 49ers have called home since 1988.Home to more than 116,000 residents, Santa Clara is a thriving city that serves as a culturally diverse center of activities for families, students and visitors alike - offering an enormous variety of choices when it comes to dining, entertainment, attractions, and visitor-oriented amenities.Santa Clara is located in the heart of the world's technology center, Silicon Valley, and boasts an enviable roster of tech companies such as Intel, Applied Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Web Ex, and many more that call it home.Santa Clara is the capital city of the Cuban province of Villa Clara.

Archives & Special Collections holds a wide variety of materials by and about the Society of Jesus and its members.But his time on the Mission Campus laid the groundwork for what would be his biggest impact on the Bay Area: the founding of the 49ers. While Morabito went on to build a successful lumber business, Ruffo stayed at Santa Clara, attending law school and helping to coach football under legendary Lawrence “Buck” Shaw.At Santa Clara, Tony Morabito was teammates with another son of Italian immigrants, Al Ruffo ’31, J. An undersized but scrappy former lineman, originally from Tacoma, Washington, Ruffo was an enthusiastic presence and a tireless booster of both Morabito as well as his adopted city of San Jose.One hundred and thirty-eight of them were represented by two large families already living in the area and, therefore, owners of the land next to the new city.The other 37 came from 7 other families, a priest and a governor, all of them originating in the coastal city of “San Juan de los Remedios”.

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For the first time in more than 21 years, football is being played at a level higher than high school in the city of Santa Clara.

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