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Take it away and people learn to communicate properly, to really connect.’Atalanta, who lives in a pretty Sussex village with her 16-year-old son Alfred, initially intended the site to be a traditional matchmaking forum — but was pleasantly surprised to see it evolve into a platonic meeting place as well.‘Working life has changed.Many creative people, even designers and artists, often spend all day sitting in front of computers, which can be rather lonely.But that’s a big IF, because you have several hurdles to cross before you get to the part where both of you can be comfortable in each other’s company without letting sex get in the way. If you can hold on to a platonic relationship, it’s one of the best things you can do.It gives you a better perspective of the opposite sex.But more often than not, it’s the guy who tries to twist the platonic relationship into a sexual one.[Read: 20 conversation signs that reveal if he’s getting attracted to you] Why is it so hard for a guy to look at a girl as a friend?

However, the findings also revealed that both sexes assume the majority (63pc) of cross-gender friendships involve some kind of secret romantic interest, and that the sex more likely to try it on was – you've guessed it – the man (61pc vs 54pc). William Hart, study’s leader and Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Alabama, told me that the belief that men are less capable of platonic cross-sex friendships “has a kernel of truth to it” as “men do struggle more than women with sexual interest in these relationships.” It’s worth noting however that this study focused on perception alone and explored what people thought about the possibility of platonic relationships rather than recording actual accounts of straight men burning the lonely candle of unrequited love.

“Men are often portrayed as ‘dogs’ and only interested in ‘one thing’.

, in which couples seek to bypass the challenges and dedication that deep relationships—and, eventually, marriage—require.

It is defined by the intensity and significance of the emotional connection.

The people involved do not have to identify as "queer", it is a type of relationship experienced by and available to anybody regardless of their sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or (non-)monogamy.

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This article offers a number of practical suggestions to help set proper patterns for relating, building friendship, dating, and embarking on commitment that leads to marriage.

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