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“America is a completely different world,” Pfeiffer told The Local.“The laws are a result of a public that believes in fear. "America is a sick country in my opinion." More love, less violence Pfeiffer believes that it's a deeper culture of fear and powerlessness that dictate US policies and social behaviours.As for one-year-olds, a grumpy face or a sharp look could do the job.Some pedagogists claim that ignoring the misbehavior is actually an effective strategy to follow with one- and two-year-olds.The sadness on the little boy's face and his humiliation were palpable, and as his tears kept flowing, she resumed meting out her punishment.My daughter and I talked about our disturbing feelings the entire way home.I told her how when I was growing up, these kinds of corporal punishment were standard in many homes. Chat ‘n’ Chill is one of those special kind of Caribbean beach bars that always seems to incite mischief in me.

Locals, billionaire megayacht owners, celebrities, and fun-seekers of every stripe venture here for the truly authentic Out Islands vibe. Chat ‘n’ Chill hosts a major pig roast every Sunday starting a noon.As the United States continues to debate gun control in the wake of the Orlando massacre, The Local speaks with a criminologist about how parenting practices rather than laws have made Germans less violent.It was a scene tragically all too familiar to Americans: a double-digit body count of dead young people, a nation left horrified and grieving, politicians quibbling over gun control. About a week ago, I was standing in line at one of the tween/teen clothing shops at the mall with my daughter.The mom behind me and her young son started squabbling as the little guy became increasingly worked up over the long line and started squirming and whining that he wanted to leave.

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