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He's kind of having a moment right now, what with his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club and the amount of exposure he's had over the past year or so.

He made those weird Lincoln commercials recently that Saturday Night Live and many others made fun of, and a fan has taken matters into his own hands, mixing almost all of the Mc Conaughey pop culture references into one in this hysterical video. Check it out, I'm pretty sure that you'll laugh at least once.

The nuns have, however, warmed up to the website, appreciating the response and the community promotion it is aimed at.

There are rumors circulating that Matthew Mc Conaughey will be playing the Green Goblin, and of course that means that the Internet is going to make fun of Matthew Mc Conaughey.

Today, the technologies of the information and communication revolution are those at the cutting edge and their applications offer momentous opportunities for development.

They present the developing countries with enormous opportunities and challenges, not only for accelerating their development but also in helping to bridge the economic and prosperity gaps between them and the developed countries.

Il tait chauss de souliers forts, mal cirs, garnis de clous. Il les couta de toutes ses oreilles, attentif comme au sermon, n'osant mme croiser les cuisses, ni s'appuyer sur le coude, et, deux heures, quand la cloche sonna, le matre d'tudes fut oblig de l'avertir, pour qu'il se mt avec nous dans les rangs. Un voisin la fit tomber d'un coup de coude, il la ramassa encore une fois.

Nous avions l'habitude, en entrant en classe, de jeter nos casquettes par terre, afin d'avoir ensuite nos mains plus libres ; il fallait, ds le seuil de la porte, les lancer sous le banc, de faon frapper contre la muraille en faisant beaucoup de poussire ; c'tait l le genre. Dbarrassez-vous donc de votre casque, dit le professeur, qui tait un homme d'esprit.

Although the cloister nuns do not have direct access to the feedback they receive, any e-mails are printed out and forwarded to them, while the seminarians handling the site reply on their behalf.And computer-literate Sr Christine Vella, 28, who brought the first PC into the monastery with the money she received when she entered in 2002, has more IT-advanced ideas.She is not excluding the possibility of introducing the internet into their midst, aware, however, that she may not have the time for it.Rest dans l'angle, derrire la porte, si bien qu'on l'apercevait peine, le nouveau tait un gars de la campagne, d'une quinzaine d'annes environ, et plus haut de taille qu'aucun de nous tous.Il avait les cheveux coups droit sur le front, comme un chantre de village, l'air raisonnable et fort embarrass.

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