Gay dating advice first date

For example: We date a guy who is super hot- but has no job.

(or) We date a guy who only wants an open relationship- because we fear being alone.

I must know it on our first date." These are typical responses of many gay men and lesbians when asked about having sex on the first date.

But is it really OK to have sex on your very first meeting?

"Our first date went perfect, there’s no reason not to have sex." "We only get one chance sometimes, so I grabbed the opportunity when my date invited me to his home.

It was a blast." "Why should I waste my time dating some girl only to find out after more than four dates I’m not sexually with her?

To help everyone out, I have decided that I will share with you my “Top Five Gay Golden Rules of Dating” Incidentally, all these same rules apply to when you are asking someone out (or being asked)on a first date too- so don’t get it confused.

Get it in the diary If you can feel something between you – a spark, a lightning bolt, whatever – then why not talk about some events you’re going to be at or nights out you’ll be having and see if he might be there, or if he’d like to come along? In Los Angeles, we are blessed with the gift of unlimited options.During the winter, we have the choice of heading to the mountains to ski , the beach for some sun or to the valleys for some wine tasting. Is there something you can do to smooth the path to ‘date deux’? Although, I don’t really know much.) Pay your way You want to be treated like a prince or princess? Sort out your attitude to sex Some facts: not everybody thinks having sex (or going back to theirs for a fumble and/or nakedness) is anathema to getting a second date; having sex on a first date doesn’t mean they will see you again, either. But getting a first date and going on a first date are nowhere near as big a deal as the ultimate prize, the holy grail of dating, the BIG ONE: securing date number 2. They say sequels can never live up to their predecessor (mine certainly don’t), but lots of debuts fail to get a second chance to try. (I use throughout, but I suppose it works both ways, but I kiss boys not girls, and they do say “write what you know”. Put your hand in your pocket if you want his fingers to dial your number.

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Let’s do it Many gay men and lesbians who are having sex on their first encounters reason out that a beautiful evening need to end with some fun. Some people are just very sexual and their way of capping a great date is to end in bed together.

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