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And when Young danced around the subject in his recent Howard Stern interview, he wouldn’t even say Crosby’s name. When discussing Young’s recent divorce from longtime wife Pegi, Crosby said he’d never separate from his own wife of 37 years and suggested that Young’s current girlfriend is “a purely poisonous predator.” Reports since September have suggested Hannah, the actress known for ’80s hits such as I just don’t feel the urge to go try something new. On Sirius XM’s Ron And Fez show, Nash confirmed that Young is dating Hannah and said he understands why Young is pissed at Crosby: “You’ve got to understand: Neil Young knows what we bring to this music. And I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now. The casually dressed couple was on the way to a restaurant in the Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks area. In one shot, she's carrying a shopping bag from a store in the Promenade at Westlake.

The couple had been together for so long and through so much, including recording, touring and raising a son with cerebral palsy – which inspired their popular annual Bridge School Benefit concerts.

Here’s a celebrity cheating scandal that I’m not sure you’ll care about, but which I find rather interesting.

Neil Young, 68, has been dating Daryl Hannah, 53, for months, well before he announced that he was divorcing his wife of 36 years, Pegi, 60.

But some paying attention weren’t surprised he was with actress-turned-activist Hannah, with whom he collaborated on an environmentalist documentary for Greenpeace about the Alberta Tar Sands. I’m always sad when I see love tossed in the gutter.” [From People] Crosby is probably pissed because Young is the sole holdout for a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion tour.

“They’ve appeared at many, many protest rallies together over the past year,” the insider says. Right now there’s just a CSN tour and Crosby has admitted that he’s waiting for Young to call him and say he’s game to rejoin the band.

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