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I'm really looking forward to that Bella launch party :)Be sure to click on the comments link and tell us what you think about this weeks happening in the Valley!And don't forget, if you scroll down the blog, the About Town page is linked (right above the blog archive).People magazine reports that Graham has stepped out publicly with Chrishell Stause who is on All My Children.Bunn denies that he was seeing her during the taping of The Bachelorette, saying they re-connected after the show was over.I love him and I loved when he did the news with Chevy Chase. I like this look much better than the cracked out, weigh ten pounds look. Anyone want to take a guess what Demi is looking at? When Dave Grohl is in the photos it is always with Foo Fighters so, I never have a chance to make witty comments. Actually Delta Goodrem looks fairly close, and besides, I think it is an album cover and not a magazine. The Longshots had its premiere at the same time as House Bunny. But for 0, that seems a small price to pay for their enjoyment. I always love when Jennifer shows up because you can just see how excited she is to be let out of the house. Rhys loves Kim until Sienna calls him for a booty call. You know it must suck when you are the only face on the poster of a nationally released film, and yet everyone is screaming out “Bruce, Demi, Ashton.” You can always tell when people are not used to flipping someone off. She might not still be the most beautiful woman in the world, but Aishwarya Rai still looks great. It has been awhile since I had Devon Aoki in the photos so I will spare you the photos zoomed in on her face where she looks completely whacked out. ” Yes, I understand it is a funeral for her grandmother, but sometimes you need to lighten things up. Charlize Theron does her best Meg Ryan impression from When Harry Met Sally. We have an idea for a photo shoot that will appeal to 12 year old boys. Not going to be any today either though, because I don't know what else to say. You get the feeling that Justin Long is scared the camera is going to take a piece of his soul? Ice Cube and company had two photographers show up, and House Bunny had approximately 100. Kevin Smith gets an award and still does not dress up.

  I am sure he is looking forward the grand meeting with his Savior,  Jesus Christ and also his reunion with his wife Ruth, who passed  away in 2007.

The couple is often seen at various shows and functions and seems like they have a good bonding.

We can follow her on Twitter @Chrishell7, to get her daily updates.

The top spot today goes to some of my all-time favorite people and, as far as I am concerned, one of the best bands ever. Shane West didn't get his photo taken with the band, but he is just as much of a part of them now, and he sounds great. It must suck to be famous because of your character and to always have to wear a mask. Of course he could just be wearing it because he had a breakout of zits. Hey, but 0, it will keep your kids busy for about 30 minutes. – Mannheim, Germany A first time appearance for Paige Davis.

Garrett Morris would have got the top spot on any other day. Pull my finger.” Amber Heard is actually looking decent here. I think from now on all celebrities who are on the cover of a magazine should have to pose next to said magazine so we can see if it is really them. Then they will realize they can never do it and start throwing them at each other. John Lithgow wore a crazy hat and someone noticed that he too was in the same play as Katie Holmes and took his photo. At the Sex And The City premiere in Japan, I think this was either Madonna's house boy as a special guest star or a typical Tom Cruise party.

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