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But unfortunately we're taking that home with us every evening into the domestic sphere, and often bullying our men into submission." Harriet Harman's remarks earlier this week that men can't be trusted to run the Government on their own, appears to chime with a growing female consensus that we are somehow superior.

Gastropod reproductive behavior is as varied as the animals themselves (Baur, 1998).

Although inseminations are always internal, that is, by penial insertion, copulation patterns differ among taxonomic groups.

In many of these cases, the doctors aren’t sure which genitalia the person has at birth: For instance, a female might appear to have a very large clitoris, or a male might appear to have a very small penis.Hermaphroditism is universal among the pulmonate gastropods, nearly universal among opisthobranch gastropods, but rare in all other gastropod taxa (primarily marine snails).While the term simultaneous hermaphroditism refers to the condition in which an adult animal has both a functioning male system and a functioning female system, it does not necessarily imply that an individual engages both sexual functions in any single mating.Similarly for most of the simultaneous hermaphrodites, each animal performs only one role in a given mating, with role preferences varying within and between individuals (Fig. After completing one unilateral sperm donation, the partners often switch roles in a second mating (such reciprocity can be conditional or unconditional).The remaining species of pulmonates and opisthobranchs mate in a simultaneously reciprocal manner, that is, with both members of the pair acting simultaneously as male and female (Fig. In these cases, both animals receive sperm in every mating.

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