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Says executive producer Tim Minear, “She is evil, but oddly sympathetic.” Asked if that was in the writing, he continues, “We definitely wrote it that way and it became more of that after we started seeing her on screen.

She’s vile and evil and yet when she’s reduced to being a housemaid and pushed around, because it’s Kathy Bates, you can’t help but feel bad for her.” Bates won an Emmy for that performance, and has been with “American Horror Story” since, also earning noms for the “Freak Show” and “Hotel” seasons.

She won the Best Actress Academy Award for playing obsessed fan Annie Wilkes in Misery, the 1990 film version of the Stephen King novel. On the road, some people don't have any idea who I am; they just see some old woman doddering around.

She disrobed for a nude hot tub scene with Jack Nicholson in 2002’s About Schmidt. I figured that if the work was good enough, sooner or later it would be recognized. I own an RV and drove it to Memphis a couple of years ago. I don't have paparazzi chasing me — I'm not of that ilk.

The 11-episode Season 7 will arrive September 5, but you can join the cult now.

In doing so, you can unlock several new teasers that have been compiled on this You Tube page.

Kathy Bates is probably exactly what you would think. She’s a great gal, a real person, and one of the great, old-school movie stars,” he says.

Night Shyamalan's Glass, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark gets a re-release with the original art.

Her great-great-grandfather was once President Andrew Jackson’s doctor.

And the legacy of “Misery” lives on; a play adaptation of the novel-turned-Rob Reiner-movie opened last year on Broadway, starring Laurie Metcalf and Bruce Willis as Wilkes and Sheldon.

Bates sent flowers to both of them on opening night.

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She's overweight and post-menopausal, but that didn't stop Bates from appearing nude in a hot tub in About Schmidt. 17-Dec-1944, dating since 1993) High School: White Station High School, Memphis, TN (1966) University: BFA Theater, Southern Methodist University (1969) Oscar for Best Actress 1991 for Misery Golden Globe 1991 for Misery Golden Globe 1997 for The Late Shift (television) (list:ew-2003-it) Movie Improver Mastectomy double (2012) Endorsement of Direc TV 2008 Risk Factors: Obesity, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer Complete Unknown (25-Jan-2016) Tammy (2-Jul-2014) Midnight in Paris (11-May-2011) · Gertrude Stein A Little Bit of Heaven (4-Feb-2011) · Beverly Corbett Valentine's Day (10-Feb-2010) · Susan Alice (6-Dec-2009) The Blind Side (17-Nov-2009) · Miss Sue Personal Effects (5-Mar-2009) Chri (10-Feb-2009) · Mme.

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