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Until recently, most live-streaming software was designed to broadcast video from a desktop webcam or laptop computer, not a phone.

But new mobile apps like Meerkat are changing that.

The basics involve selecting a track type (drums, bass, or synth), and then a sound, whereupon Groovebox starts playing a loop.

If you’re not happy with what you hear, tap the dice and Groovebox will spit out a different pattern.

In general, I dont believe that I should have to modify these devices with protective covers, or adjust my ways by changing how I transport them.

To me, that would be a consequence of bad design of the product.

They just use the camera built into most smartphones.

The smartest bit is in the app being approachable for newcomers, yet offering power and features for seasoned noise makers.

I wasn't sure what happened, but when I read the message I thought it was support from Apple telling me to call the support number because my i Pad had spyware on it.

Out of panic, I called the number on the screen and a woman with a heavy foreign accent answered and asked me for my email address.

The li-ion batteries of today do away with this memory effect.

No longer can these crystals grow to shorten the lifespan from intermittent charging.

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