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It’s not hard to see where Jackson picked up at least some of his noxious views.He was, he told the Daily News, a regular reader of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer; on You Tube he subscribes to the channels of a vast assortment of alt-rightists and fellow travelers, from Hitler-worshiping revisionist “historians” who call themselves things like Esoteric Truth and the Impartial Truth to conspiracy-addled right-wingers like Alex Jones and the resolutely anti-feminist, anti-Muslim You Tube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux.An alt-right group apparently is trying to build a small street army — vowing to use violence if necessary to defend free speech from leftist extremists.Kyle Chapman — a “proud American nationalist” who became a conservative hero in some circles after his arrest this month during fierce clashes between anti-fascist protesters and Trump demonstrators — announced the formation of the new group last week on Facebook and issued a call to action.

I don’t want woefully historically uneducated Americans to lose my point in the arcane details of proto-Soviet power-wrangling. Among them are voters who feel disenfranchised and overlooked, who fear their way of life is disappearing.But they also include a noisy minority of misogynist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic racists who made ubiquitous on social media during the campaign.As such, he’s taken a page from the old Bolshevik playbook.A full century ago, over there, a wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, opposed to the Bolsheviks, became known as the Mensheviks. Well, he pointed out that the Mensheviks were more moderate than the Bolsheviks, and not extreme enough.

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