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When it comes to tie-breaks there are no references to sudden death.The clash of giant egos is in Lisbon, the romance in Reykjavik, and the only previous winner under threat plays in Kiev, but perhaps the most intriguing European World Cup play-off begins on Friday night in Athens.

Ms Merry changed her name from Claire to Nicole after her character in the television advert.The Bosnian model may be pretty heavily pregnant but that hasn't stopped her looked her stylish best!We're digging this figure-hugging dress, but no-one can deny the power of those drool-worthy heels. I’m a genuine guy, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not the type of guy that’s going to smile just to make you happy. I thought this year, especially down the stretch, we managed those moments better. It doesn’t mean that you have to concede or lose the game, or break down. Whether you play for Arsenal, with my friend, or with my dad.

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Q: But you’ve been called a legend in the sporting arena. Once you talk about it, you’re forcing whoever is in charge, to fine the club. You might not believe what I’m gonna say, but I still didn’t yet celebrate it too much. My parents were already strict in, “Don’t go out, don’t do this, when you step out of a school you gotta be here five minutes after.” Q: When your parents divorced, how did it affect you? I’m sure you notice that in the way you talk to me, I always like to take the positive out of the negative. A: You know when your dad says to you, or your mom, “ You will see when you’re gonna have some kids,” and you’re like, “Yeah, whatever.” Q: But they were right. A: He can’t complain right now, so I guess I’m good (laugh). I arrived at Madison Square Garden, and I saw him there with an Arsenal jersey on. That’s one thing that we didn’t show in the past for some different reasons.

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