Current feminist theory in validating women39s own

Scholars of women’s history should, however, be as cautious about accepting oral narratives at face value as they already are about written memories.Oral narratives are no more likely than are written narratives to provide a disinterested commentary on events or people.

For Kant the moral law is a categorical, not a hypothetical, imperative.Thus a woman who views the Second World War as pivotal in increasing the social acceptance of women’s paid work outside the home may reach that conclusion partly and unwittingly because of wartime rhetoric encouraging a positive view of women’s participation in such work. The passage is primarily concerned with (A) contrasting the benefits of one methodology with the benefits of another (B) describing the historical origins and inherent drawbacks of a particular methodology (C) discussing the appeal of a particular methodology and some concerns about its use (D) showing that some historians’ adoption of a particular methodology has led to criticism of recent historical scholarship (E) analyzing the influence of current feminist views on women’s interpretations of their experience 2.According to the passage, which of the following shapes the oral narratives of women storytellers?The challenge facing feminist theorists therefore is to reconceptualize autonomy from a feminist perspective.The term “relational autonomy” is often used to refer to reconceptualizations of the notion of autonomy to contrast feminist accounts with those that presuppose atomistic conceptions of the self.

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Moreover, the stories people tell to explain themselves are shaped by narrative devices and storytelling conventions, as well as by other cultural and historical factors, in ways that the storytellers may be unaware of.

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